One week away…

The semester has finally ended, I have completed the last of the assignments/exams, and I’m gearing up for some exciting things. First off, I’m attending graduation today to support one of my dear colleagues who will be officially “hooded” today and crowned Dr.  I will also be there to support the counseling masters graduates whom I have walked with through their full journey.  Way to go y’all!!

As for me, this marks my week away from heading out to Europe for my first adventures!  Passport – check!  Plane tickets – check! Train tickets – check!  Still working on collecting my things and getting all the other necessaries together.  I never realized the details that go into such a trip.

Needless to say, I’m excited; although I do still have some research to do for the meetings at all the universities.  That is more fun research.

If you want to keep up with me or track the whole #GPPch17 group here is some ways to do so:

  • Our itinerary (a living document that is ever changing with our schedule).
  • The Global Perspectives website.
  • Our blog site – that has links to all me and my GPP friends’ posts.
  • My site – can’t say how very much I will be posting, but I will try!!
  • Also, we will be on Twitter – look for our hashtag #gppch17
  • Finally, this cool website that can track where we are (called TripVis) for the GPP Trip Visualization
  • Who knows if I will even think about Facebook…I may, but if you know me, then you probably know the answer to that question without even asking!

Oh still so much to do!  So I’d better get busy.  Check back later for some further updates.


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