Basel: A thought from today

Today was the second day in our meetings with the GPP cohort.  We visited the University of Basel this morning.  Our schedule has been  so full and time has doubled since we started that it I find it difficult to keep up with everything!  I want to write everything down and keep track of the people we have met and the places we have seen.  I want to take pictures so I can capture just the smallest glimpses of what all I am seeing, so I can revisit when I get the opportunity to slow down.  This will probably happen once I have returned home and get caught up on sleep!  I only hope that I can recall what all I have seen, heard and done while on this whirl-wind tour.

Original Town Hall in Bazel, Switzerland

One thing that was mentioned today, as we stood in the courtyard of the amazing original town hall in Basel, was how we as future professors will be charged with figuring out how we can keep doctorate degrees current and relevant in the 21st century.  Although I know that may have been a comment casually tossed out to be something to be provocative or inspire a different way of looking at how things are done, it left an impression on me. 

Only a few minutes before, I had been enjoying a stroll through the market just outside of this historic location looking around while making sure my carmello gelato did not drip down my hand melting from the cone.  I could almost feel the juxtaposition of these two moments in my life.  It was a reminder that I will be starting my dissertation and research.  While I know this will be something I will begin soon, I have taken a few moments to experience something different.  Being in Basel taking in some sunshine and enjoying one slow moment in this study abroad was like knowing I will have a lot of work ahead of me, but not fully realizing the depth of what is to come. 

That brief conversation in a court yard far away from home is a conversation I will revisit.  A conversation I will continue regardless of my location.


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