Come Thy Fount

Switzerland has many lovely fountains scattered all through the cities I have been in so far.  There are other fountains that are basic and utilitarian.  Each one you are able to fill your drinking bottle from the spout that is pouring the water into the fountain.  From these fountains you can get the refreshing and clear alpine water straight from the source.  It is even better than the tap water.

Since traveling through London and Paris, I have discovered that public water fountains or “bubblers” are few and far between.  I am getting spoiled in having such access to this amazing liquid whenever my water bottle gets low or empty.  Yesterday as we left Basel for Strasbourg, France, I remembered that there are not accessible water fountains in Paris and I assumed that there may be a similar situation in Strasbourg. I was sure to fill my bottle full as possible before boarding the train.

True to form, there were no fountains to be seen in the Strasbourg in all the places I visited.  When we were visited before the trip by the GPP alumni, several people stated to be sure to drink the water there and you would always miss that water once you are gone.  Taking one day in France away from the beloved fountains proved this to be true!

I am now considering a campaign for some prettier water fountains at VT…or at least creating an esthetic fountain in my own living space.


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