I Can Hear The Bells

With such historical cities and towns that we have visited or trained through, it seems that every one has a church, chapel, or town hall with a bell tower.  The Swiss are known for their punctuality and precision. Churches were the meeting places and epicenter of the city.  The church bells would chime to call for various reasons.  Ringing would signal the time, could call the town people to services, celebrate events or holidays, and alert of emergencies.

Today, they may not always be the hub of the city, but they still sing their glorious songs daily.  Every city we have visited so far in Switzerland I always hear the bells.  They make me feel warm and comfortable, because the chimes remind me of my childhood. Where I grew up there was a nearby historical plantation that had a bell tower which would chime every hour.  The bells make me think about playing in the woods with neighborhood friends .  I go back in my head and heart to when life was simpler and many of my lost loved ones were still alive.  It was nice to think of such a wonderful things from home in a land far away.

While here at the Villa in Riva San Vitale, four of us get to stay in an apartment in the old historical church.  We get to hear the bells up close and personal whenever we are in our rooms.  It is quite loud but we are growing accustom to the ringing multiple times an hour.

The bells ring.  They are timeless. The bells have been ringing all these many years.  Can you hear the bells?

View of the church by the villa

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