Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

As I write this post, I sit in the quiet solitude of my two bedroom apartment on the first floor of the historic church where I have been living for the past week. It is the top of the hour and the bells ring to alert me of the time; or perhaps today they chime in remembrance.

My three roommates left shortly ago and my other GPP friends have either boarded their respective trains heading back to home, labs, family, or are off on the last remaining legs of their adventures here in Europe. One left last night. Our GPP friends from Basel and Zurich left yesterday before dinner after our workshops and dinner. Slowly our numbers are dwelling as we depart.

Shortly, I will leave with two of my GPP friends for one more visit to Zurich before heading back to the USA. Before I can really reflect deeply about this whole GPP experience, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that this journey has been so much richer and full because of the people with whom shared it with me. We’ve shared a lot. Trains, food, vans, food, trams, meals, drinks, places, food. Stories, sights, food, universities, gelato, and food. Yes, there was a lot of food involved!

I wish all safe travels as some of us part ways today. I wish everyone rest, joy, and love. In all of the preparations for this study abroad fellowship, nothing quite prepared me for the kinship that would build so quickly with these folks. My GPP cohort, my Ticino Familgia.

Indeed it is hard to say good by to the lovely Steger Center Villa, Daniella, Michelle, Luigi and the rest of the amazing kitchen staff, Riva San Vitale, and Switzerland. It is even harder to say goodbye to these amazing and remarkable GPP people, even though I know we will all meet up again in a few weeks when we present to the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C.

So now it is time for me to collect my things and head north be for heading west. These moments will long be remembered. Thank you Dean Karen DePauw for such a life-changing and enriching experience!


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