So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye

I am all packed up and waiting for my ride to the airport in Zurich. It is unbelievable that 18 days ago I started out on this journey. This learning adventure has been unforgettable.

When I made my first blog post about being selected, one of the EDCO and GGP Alumni reached out to me in a congratulatory message with a hint that this would be a life-changing experience. Indeed it has. I am hoping to take some time to reflect and continue to share about my trip once I return home.

It was sad to leave the GPP ’17 cohort a few days ago, but we’ve been keeping each other up to date on our continued travels or return and acclimating home. The few days spent with my traveling friends helped transition to a slower pace…barely. We still took in some sights and ate more foods.

Nevertheless, I am ready to get back home to my family. It will be great to sleep in my own bed after a long, hot shower. I am looking forward to the welcoming arms (and paws) of those I love.

Thank you to our host schools in Switzerland, France, and Italy. Thank you to the staff at the Steger Center in Riva San Vitale. Thank you to an old friend of a new friend that showed us around a few towns in Switzerland we did not see on our tour.

It has been my pleasure and I have learned a great deal. In the song that titles this post (from The Sound of Music) one line sums it up:

I leave and heave a heavy sigh goodbye.


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