Homeward Bound

Alas! My travels in Sweden are coming to a close.  I enjoyed my final traditional dinner of meatballs, potatoes, lingnon berries, and pickled cucumbers last night at a dockside restaurant by the water in Stockholm.  It was lovely and yummy. Such a nice way to finish off the trip be for the chaos of the return home.

Currently I am sitting at the Arlanda airport terminal waiting on my flight for the first leg of our journey. I am glad to be going home, (as I miss my fur babies, my own bed, and free access to talk with my extended family!); however I will miss the family and friends here in Sweden. 

I will also miss hearing the language…but I will still work on learning more! Fika is coming with me! 

Returning home will take awhile.  Hopefully it will give me a little time to process all the travel and adventures I have had this month!

Tack sä mycket och adjö i nu! (Thanks so much and goodbye for now!)


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